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Our Mission?

To help you redefine the meaning of personal training.

Our dedicated & passionate personal training team are committed to offering you a choice of personal training programmes.

That’s why we’re proud to offer two options: 1-1 PT & Small Group PT

Small Group Personal Training

With a maximum of 4 people to a trainer, you’ll receive the right amount of attention at a fraction of the cost of 1 to 1 training. We know this option makes personal training more accessible. You’ll  enjoy great results, we’ll maintain a one to one focus and you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of others who have chosen the same training path as you. This is no exercise class!

Friendly coaches will give you constant support and monitor your progress. There’s also a community atmosphere that won’t force you to make friends, but will make it accessible and easy to do so if that’s your thing.

Nutrition Support

We’ll help find the right nutrition method for you; one that offers you long term support in achieving your goals. No fad diets, extreme plans or bogus “shake” plans. Sustainable is what we aim for and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Experience our premium package at a fraction of the cost with our 30-day trial.

• Understand the way small group training works
• Meet the coaches and other members
• Make sure it’s right for you

We’ll take this opportunity to learn about you, your body and your fitness goals. What are you waiting for?

If you have questions or if you’d just like to discuss the 30 day small group training trial or one to one training further then please don’t hesitate to contact us




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